GPS L80-M39 firmware and backup tool


Does anyone knows if Quectel has a firmware backup tool for GPS module? Also i am not able to find anywhere a firmware for the L80-M39 module.

Can anyone help me?

Hello, welcome to Quectel forum.

We have firmware restore tool, but not backup tool. Here is download link of Flashtoolv4.0-GPS:
For firmware versino, please kindly send your request to our support email box(, we will align local FAE to support you further.

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Thank you for your quick reply, I will contact your support now.

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Hello Support
Please send me the current Release Firmware for quectel L80 M39 - L80GR01A10S GPS Module.

Is the the Flashtool 4.0 the current Version ?
Is there a firmware with higher reception sensitivity for Indoor experiments to receive date and time faster.