GPS L76K no fix, but 15 satellites in view

Hi there,

I have a Quectel L76K which sees a lot of satellites, but does not provide a fix. Sometimes it takes 30s, but sometimes the fix takes tens of minutes. I created a parser for the GPS data to see whats going on and I have multiple satellites with no SNR. I don’t know what the problem is, maybe can I update the firmware of the module, is that possible?

This is the output:

001543090: Baidu:
001543090:  Satellites in view: 2
001543090:  List of active satellites ids:
001543090:  List of satellites in view:
001543090:    id: 24  elevation:  11 deg  azimuth: 195 deg  snr:   0 dbHz
001543091:    id: 34  elevation:  68 deg  azimuth: 284 deg  snr:   0 dbHz
001543091: GPS:
001543091:  Satellites in view: 10
001543091:  List of active satellites ids:
001543092:  List of satellites in view:
001543092:    id:  2  elevation:   6 deg  azimuth:  62 deg  snr:   0 dbHz
001543092:    id:  7  elevation:  14 deg  azimuth: 316 deg  snr:   0 dbHz
001543093:    id:  8  elevation:  28 deg  azimuth: 290 deg  snr:   0 dbHz
001543093:    id: 10  elevation:  38 deg  azimuth: 154 deg  snr:   0 dbHz
001543094:    id: 15  elevation:  10 deg  azimuth:  57 deg  snr:   0 dbHz
001543094:    id: 16  elevation:  67 deg  azimuth: 226 deg  snr:  28 dbHz
001543094:    id: 18  elevation:  44 deg  azimuth:  60 deg  snr:   0 dbHz
001543095:    id: 23  elevation:  51 deg  azimuth: 106 deg  snr:   0 dbHz
001543095:    id: 26  elevation:  37 deg  azimuth: 181 deg  snr:   0 dbHz
001543096:    id: 27  elevation:  62 deg  azimuth: 296 deg  snr:  29 dbHz
001543096: GLONASS:
001543096:  Satellites in view: 0
001543096:  List of active satellites ids:
001543096:  List of satellites in view:

Hi Stegmaf,

About the satellites with elevation and azimuth, but no SNR.
Those information of satellites maybe saved from last fix. The ephemeris( data of satellites ) will be automatically saved when module get fixed. The information store in RAM and the module will prioritize these information for locating while start up.

However, if the GNSS receiver does not have a good sight of satellites( the sky is block, or indoors ), those information are useless for location. So please confirm the module is working in a good environment.

Besides, L76K is a ROM version so that it doesn’t have a firmware.

Best regards.

Hi Raphel-Q,

thanks for the reply, it helps me to further understand how the module works. In the datasheet and here in the forum I have read, that I can transfer AGNS data to the module. The other post mentioned, that I should ask my responsible FAI, but as a maker, I don’t have a direct contact to quectel. Who can I ask, if I want to use the AGNS feature on this module?

Kind Regards

Hi Stegmaf,

I will send you an AGNSS Application Note to help you know more about the function.

You can contact with me no matter on Forums or emails. Anything emergency can send to my email . I will reply to you ASAP.

Best regards.

Hi Raphael-Q,

thanks for the application node, I will take a look at it. Its not urged, but thanks for the offer :slight_smile:

Kind Regards