GPS download fail

Hello ,

I am using MC60E Evaluation kit, it was working perfectly before but now i am facing an issue while updating the core firmware of the module i.e. “FAIL, ERR_3236_S_DA_GPS_DOWNLOAD_FAIL” where switches S101 and S102 are ON but facing same issue.

Thanks and regards
Sagar Choudhary

Dear Sagar Choudhary,
Please note that you should connect AUX UART port to GNSS UART port when you download the firmware of MC60 module, which means that you should use all-in-one mode. Thanks!
If you switch on both S101 and S102, it still failed, it is better to check whether the module GPS part is still normal. Thanks!
The error information means that just GPS part cannot upgrade successful, the module still can work normally. Thanks!