GPRS radio polling interval

I have a Quectel M95 modem.
On my test gear, I notice that the radio is transmitting some kind of signal every 200mS.
Can anyone tell me:
a) what this signal is
b) what it used for
c) what i must do to change the interval at which its doing it.


hi Moose ,

I believe you are getting the DRx pulses . This is used for initmating NW that UE is alive and if any TAU is required .

This is used for saving battery for wireless device where module at periodic interval tell BTS that he is there.

Thank you

Hi Ratan
Thanks for that…pardon my ignorance, but…
what is DRx
UE=user equipment?


DRx – Discontinious reception
TAU – Tracking area update

BTS – Base station .

hi…thanks very much!
do you know if i can change the rate of DRx pulses?

Hi ,

No you can;t change in GPRS module , NBIoT based modules give those luxary to you .

in GPRS module DRX5 and DRX9 is used and it is decided by service provider according to its proximity and other parameters of module .

Thank you

ratan, thank you once again for your knowledge.

my pleasure Moose . Thank you for using Quectel