GPRS deactivate failure error in MC60 module

Hi there,

I am facing a problem.

If GPRS decativate failed, how to handle this exception

void CallBack_GPRS_Deactived(u8 contextId, s32 errCode, void* customParam ) 
m_nSentLen  = 0;      
if (errCode == SOC_SUCCESS)     
APP_DEBUG("<--CallBack: deactived GPRS successfully.-->\r\n");          
m_tcp_state = STATE_NW_GET_SIMSTATE;     
else    // **how to handle this if gprs deactivate failed** 
APP_DEBUG("<--CallBack: deactived GPRS failure,(contexid=%d,error_cause=%d)-->\r\n",contextId,errCode);

Any help will be appreciated. Thank You

Dear Dev,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
If the context will not be used in a long period (for example more than one hour), it’s recommended to close this context by command AT+QIDEACT. Normally the response time for this command is about 2-5 seconds. But when the network is very bad or in some abnormal conditions, the longest waiting time will achieve about 2.5 minutes. It’s recommended to set timeout value which is less than 1 minute or less according to their applications. If it is timeout, users have not received DEACT OK, user can restart the module by EMERG_OFF pin. Thanks!