GPIO1 of BC660K is not accessible

I am trying to use GPIO1 ~ GPIO4 for some general purpose tasks.

To access and control GPIO2 ~ GPIO4 there is no problem, I can control them.
However, the GPIO0 (which is also used for SPI) is not working, it holds HIGH always.

I am running the example_gpio.c from the BC660K SDK, no changes were done, except that I am looping over the GPIOs from 1 to 4, like this:

if (++gpioPin > 11)
  gpioPin = 0;

Where on each iteration, the GPIO is set to low, waits 1 second, then sets to HIGH.

Here is an picture of the schematic, which we can see the MOSI/GPIO1

EDIT: I am using the dev-kit BC660K-TE-B

EDIT 2: I noticed that the GPIOs on chip are mapped to different GPIO numbers on PCB. For example, GPIO4 (on chip) maps to GPIO2 on PCB.

dear cassianocampes
Refer to the module hardware design manual to check the PIN of GPIO.

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