GPIO Interface in SC600T

Hello Team,

I am working on SC600T. I have configured VoL_UP and VOL_DOWN key as GPIO Switch.

i have followed the GPIO Excel sheet provided by quectel.


i have remove the VOL_Key resistor and try to access GP_SW1 AND GP_SW2.

but on switch event not getting data 0 and 1.

As per my schematic, my GPIO is


GP_SW2 = GPIO25.

Let me know which part I have to add in mtp.dtsi file and pin-ctrl.dtsi fil

Is this picture your schematic or our reference design?
What is the function of GPIO Switch?

this is my schematic. we have to use GP_SW1 only.
so I have removed just R111 which is connected to VOL_UP

GO_SW1 is a general-purpose switch. so which part i have to ad in my mtp.dtsi and pin-ctrl files?