Gobinet Driver and QMI WWAN Driver how to use

my router came with openwrt firmware and uses the quectel em12 module.
The firmware has a driver for qmi wwan and gobinet, however I don’t know how to make it work only with the qmi wwan driver, because the Gobinet driver is always activated (usb0 network device is created)
uname -r --> 4.4.61

So my question is:
Is it necessary to activate one driver at a time or does the system automatically choose which driver to use?

perhaps the gobinet driver was set by default in the firmware for all quectel modules.

Only one driver can be used at a time. You can leave the unused driver in the system directory.

I don’t know how to unbind the GobiNet driver. I just wanted to know if it works better with qmi_wwan


Okay I tried it manually to bind to qmi_wwan but it failed

-ash: write error: No such device

Forget it, I give up Bye. Delete the post

my quectel modules (EC25, EP06, EM12 ) work very bad using Gobinet driver.

The best option for me is use them in mode usbnet=1 dhcp with my openwrt router

em12 module is recommended to use MBIM mode, and usbnet=2.