GNSS LG69TAPMD Help not working

First of all greetings to all.
We are working with the LG69TAPMD module.
We request technical documents, firmware update and help for the LG69T GNSS module.
We soldered the module on a prototype PCB but we never received a valid position.
Data Received:

Could you help me solve the problem?
Thanks you very much.
Best regards

Dear Sir

Judging from the information provided so far, no satellites have been searched. You can first confirm whether the antenna is working normally and whether the RF path is normal?
Please help provide the following information:

  1. Version information at power-on.
  2. Provide complete data log.
  3. What is the product application? vehicle?
  4. Which country and region are you testing?

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Hello. Thanks for the reply.
Our project is a totally autonomous lawn mower for soccer fields.
We have followed the datasheet instructions for the RF circuit (Reference Desing).
The antenna works perfectly with other GPS receivers (Ublox, Novatel, among others).
We are working in Spain
Log Home.

Best regards

Dear Sir

Please help provide the following information:

  1. Schematic diagram, RF circuit.
  2. Whether the antenna uses an active or passive antenna?
    3.The picture of the antenna and the environment, and provide the complete log of the module serial port 1 and serial port 2 (working at least 5 minutes).
    In addition, please note: LG69TAPNR01A06_QX this firmware version is mainly used in China. If the product is used in Europe, it is recommended to contact your local Quectel sales or FAE to obtain a new firmware.

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Dear Stone.Chen,
what is the meaning of the $PQTMANTENNASTATUS message ?


$PSTMANTENNASTATUS has 4 output fields and i don’t see any changes
in $PQTMANTENNASTATUS when the antenna is connected or disconnected.

Dear Sir

Please confirm which model is the specific module? And the firmware information when the module is powered on.

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The module is

LG69T ap q2 a0348

Poweron message:


Dear Sir

In fact, the module does not support the antenna detection function, and subsequent versions will close this message. Please do not pay attention to it.

Best Regards

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