GNSS L96 Built in antenna not fix position

My design need to use the GNSS L96 can not fix position in case built in antenna if i connect external active antenna to the L96 working normally

Dear Reloader,
Could you catch some NMEA logs each corresponding to built in antenna and external active antenna?
Also, please issue below command to inquiry the firmware version:

Thank you.
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Hi Berton.Peng,

Yes I can capture NMEA log from both antenna, but Built in not fix position (i mean Latitude and Longitude “$GPGLL,064823.631,V,N*75\r\n”) also external can reply position normally.

My GNSS L96 reply version as below

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There exists firmware version L96NR01A03S, ask Quectel support/FAE about it. But I don’t see anything in the release notes that would help. We were using L96NR01A02S with internal antenna without problems.
Maybe your problem comes from the module placement - the on-board antenna may be detuned. Does the module see any satellites? If yes, you can compare SNR values from GxGSV messages when using on-board and external antenna.
Side note: external active antenna that you mentioned will probably be always better than the one on the module.

Dear Reloader,
As rastik said, the possible reasons are built-in antenna itself or its placement. Please double check the SNR in GSV messages to verify, or provide us the NMEA log. Thank you.
Also, I provided the latest firmware version L96NR01A03S for your test. Please download it from the link as below:

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Hello, i have the same problem with L96 module. No fix position with built in antenna. FW: L96NR01A03S
Module output:

After some time, the module starts sending two messages in loop: