GNSS L26DR - ADR issue with output data rate of 1Hz

Hi, if the L26DR-ADR is designed to be used in automotive applications why is its output data rate too slow?, 1Hz means I will get positioning data each second, in applications where I want to fusion the GNSS data with other devices like an IMU or radar and send all this over CAN 1 second is too much time, even for a typical application 1 second is a big number e.g. a car with a speed of 80Km/h in 1 second travels 22m, so the positioning data is received with a big delay and the Dead Reckoning feature has the same output data rate that the data received from the satellites, would not be better to get the predicted data much faster? I think this is a bottleneck, how could I solve this problem, maybe this module was not the right choice?

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Sorry for the late reply.
How many Hz update rate do you require?
Subsequent new firmware will support a high update rate. I will confirm the specific time and then reply to you.

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Hi, we need at least 20Hz, will the next firmare be available for the ADR module?, and what is the expected time for the next firmware?

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Sorry for the late reply.
It is estimated that L26-ADR will not be able to support it in a short time, and there is no time point for it for the time being.
But for 20Hz, L26-DR does not currently support it.
Now only L26-UDR has supported 10Hz.

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Hi @Stone.Chen-Q , Do you have any update about the new firmware with higher update rate?, thanks

Hi @jg_spitfire ,

We currently don’t have a L26-ADR firmware with higher update rate.
For which messages do you require a higher rate? And please be informed that the highest supported rate for L26-ADR is 10Hz.

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