GNSS L26-DR software implementation guide

Hi, is there any documentation about the minimum configuration steps to work with the L26-DR module? the datasheets provided by Quectel just mention the commands and their functions but there is not a flow chart about how the module should be configured, I want to use the module with a microcontroller


Please provide the following information:

  1. Is the product used on the vehicle?
  2. ADR or UDR for L26-DR? The difference is that ADR requires vehicle speed injection.


Hi, yes, will be used in a vehicle, is the L26-DR

Once the module is powered on, it will output NMEA information so that we can obtain the required positioning information.
For L26-DR, a module that supports DR, the main attention is paid to the installation method and calibration process.
In addition, if the ADR method is adopted, the method of vehicle speed injection needs to be confirmed. Currently, CAN, UART and Wheeltick are supported.

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Hola,buenas noches,Con que software se configura un modulo L26?..Es una herramienta propia de Quectel o puede ser con un Hyperterminal?.Muchas gracias

You only need a serial terminal, like teraterm or putty, both are free

Muchisimas gracias jg_spitfire

Buen dia,estoy experimentando por primera vez con los productos quectel,en este caso con un L26-LB.Me funciona bien(tengo TX de datos en la salida),pero cuando intento comunicarme(via Hyperterminal)para setear la velocidad(a 4800 Bd),no tengo respuestas (ni un Ok,ni un Error).El procedimiento que empleo es setear el Terminal a 115200 Bd y con el modulo conectado enviarle los comandos correspondientes.Aun asi,no tengo acuse de recibo del mismo.Si alguien pudiera orientarme,se lo voy a agradecer.saludos.