GNSS Antenna YG0005AA

Hi, i have designed BG77 using a passive antenna YG0005AA. I am concerned, that the footprint in the datasheet does not match with the product. I have a sampled product and made some pictures.

As you can see the Pin in the 3D Pic. (Datasheet) is in the fourth quadrant and in the real product it is in the third quadrant. Please confirm that pictures and pin in Datasheet are wrong.
Can I have a reference design of this anntenna (recommend footprint, circuit etc…)
Best regards!

1.Our datasheet is the same as your picture, Please ask local FAE or sales to get the latest datasheet.

2.RF keep 50ohm impedance and PCB reference design as below:

Thanks a lot for the datasheet. I have another question. Do I need a ground Pad for it? Or the ground area can be with solder mask?

Yes, you need a complete GND plane under the GNSS antenna, as shown in the picture below: