Giving up on RM502Q-AE, Quectel

Received my new RM502Q-AE, and it appears to be stuck in ‘factory test’ mode. I tried asking for help here, but got none. Appears one needs software costing thousands of dollars to change the mode.

Firmware cannot be downloaded and SHA checksummed for verification.
Sent via email? Straight out of the 80s, just begging for a man in the middle attack. Cannot see any reason to waste any more time on this device, so I’m planning on returning the device and buying Sierra Wireless.

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@bsd what ports can you see under device manager?

Send a screenshot

Firmware for the RM502Q-AE can be found here:

No need to worry about hashes as they are present inside the XML and the exact file size is determined and checked upon flashing in other XML in the zip file

/dev/ttyUSB0, dev/ttyUSB1, dev/ttyUSB2 and dev/cdc-wdm0
All ports show up and I can interact with this using the qmi command line utility but no matter what I do it stays stuck in factory test mode.

I gave up on the forum, submitted a ticket directly with Quectel. Great support!
Apparently one of the firmware updates deleted XQCN.
Probably firehose -e (don’t do this unless you fully intend to brick yer modem). Should have a fiercer warning.

I Replaced the missing XQCN, with the help of Quectel support, and it now lets me connect, LTE, 5g.

However, without the calibrated data I cannot do RF testing, but I didn’t intend to, so I’m fine, up and running.