Getting time issue in EG25-G

Getting local time is a very basic feature of a module. I can’t even expect that much from EG25-G module. I am not wrong with any at commands because I have tried with MC60 it worked good it gives the time when the module is in idle mode. But in EG25-G the time comes only once. If the module got any call after dropping the call when we try to get the time it doesn’t come.

to query the time use, AT+CCLK?

Dear Sir,
About get time you have two methods:

  1. to get the network time with AT+CCLK?, it is limited by network, if the base station the module attached have some issues, you can can not get the time from the network;
  2. you can synchronize Local Time with NTP sever, please check the following commands. Thanks!

Thanks, I will try with NTP server, can I use the same IP and port of NTP shown in the document or else I have to create a NTP server of my own in a server and use that IP address and port number?

yes, you can have a try. Thanks!