Getting started with BG96 and MCU through UART


I have the BG96 development board and I managed to connect it to an MCU through UART, The thing is that everytime I turn OFF and ON the DevBoard the BG96 seems to be “freeze” and won’t answer to any AT command until I press the PWRKEY button on the board.

After pressing the button I recieve:



and after that it will answer to my AT commands.

Is there something I forgot to configure? or I have to do that “manually” everytime I want to use the AT command after any ON/OFF situation?

PS: The only data I found about, is that I have to set the baudrate to the one of the MCU and save it, but it still does the same (AT+IPR=115200;&W)

  1. pls use MCU GPIO connect with BG96 powerkey pin, and give it a 500ms low level pulse .

  2. do you means that AT&W does not work ?

Option number 1 works perfectly, but I understood that by setting AT+IPR=desiredBaudrate;&W it wont be necesary to do the PWRKEY pin start.