Getting RMC information from MC60 in hexadecimal format

Hello everyone.
I’m sending RMC information to server from mc60 using tcp/ip example provided in SDK.
there is a need to send data in hexadecimal format.
i tried too much to do this using C functions and codding !! but i couldn’t make it .
is there any AT+Command to send the data in hex format ?

MC60 doesn’t support AT+QISENDEX !
i hope Quectel engineers could guide you !

You can send hex data with a fixed length:

and when it convert the data to hex !?

It dosn’t conflict.

Even your send a ASCII acaracter, application will translate it hex data fisrt then send to UART, The only difference is, in fixed length mode, module will treat 0x1a(ESC), 0x1b(CTRL+Z) as data instead of cancel and terminate.