Getting only HALF of the response from server after sending AT+QHTTPPOST and AT+QHTTPREAD command

In our Project, we did HTTPPOST and then HTTPREAD for hitting and getting the response as 200 and I am getting correct response, but next, the server side is sending response and by using that response I need to change the input for the next iteration. So in this process, after I hit to the URL using QHTTPPOST and QHTTPREAD I am getting response from the server but only HALF DATA I am receiving(Below I am attaching the screenshot of the data I am receiving after I hit to server)

So, Here I need help from Quectel Team to where I am going wrong, why the response from the server is only half

As per the above screenshot…You can see at the 11:34:51.218 timestamp, that response code and then some data is printed which is incomplete
And one more thing the response I am getting from server team is in JSON format, Does that is the cause for incomplete response or any other problem
I even changed the time in the AT command of QHTTPPOST = 560,80,80…In this command I changed the input time and the response time but no change
Can you people check in and give us the response as soon as possible as it is holding our Project and taken lot of time

Below is the response that is actually sending by the server team

“status”: 200,
“gpshr”: 0,
“tr”: {
“th”: -1,
“tl”: -1,
“mxt”: 123456
“mode”: {
“operation”: “sendAcceldata”

Hello I got the answer to the question that I have raised here, Hope it helps to some future users
Actually, the server is sending the response properly, and BG96 is also sending it in proper way, where it is lagging is the microcontroller which fetches all those values has kept an threshold of receiving only 256 bytes…So I changed the limit from 256 to 512 in .h(header files) and got the complete response

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