Getting EID from eUICC

Hello, I am trying to retrieve an EID from a SIM card using EC25. I have tried few commands but getting errors.

AT+CCHO=“A0000005591010FFFFFFFF8900000200” - Open logical Channel

+CCHO: 1

AT+CGLA=1,42,“00A4040C10A0000005591010FFFFFFFF8900000200” - Select ECASD


Has anyone tried it before? Could you share the commands?

Thank you.

Hi Sanket,

simply pass the GET DATA APDU to AT+CGLA like this:

+CGLA: 40,“5A10890000000000000000000000000000079000”


Thank you for the response, Reinhard. I am not able to select the ECASD so can’t do a Get Data. I get error at Select ECASD. Did you do open logical channel first, followed by Select ECASD and then Get Data? If so, can you share commands please?

AT+CCHO already does the SELECT for you, I used the same AT+CCHO command you used directly followed by AT+CGLA.

Great, thank you so much Reinhard. I will skip Select ECASD and try again.
Have a good day.

Thank you, Reinhard. It worked. Appreciate your help. Have a nice weekend.