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Hi all,

I am using MC60 module. I installed Qnavigator and tried to test TCP/UDP section. I can connect to server.

I sent some text message from send message box.For example “hello”. It is ok. I can read mesage from my server.

After that i tried to send a get request but every time the response was bad request. is it possible or not?

I wrote like these:

GET /logo.txt or GET /logo.txt /HTTP1.1 or GET /logo.txt /HTTP1.1\r\n

I attached error message below.

I read this pdf document.

What should i do? After connect to server , should i sent http at commands like in the pdf and get request or can it be without this pdf’s examle??

I made some tests with AT commands





but every time The TCP/UDP connection is closed. :frowning:

if some one can assist me in this I will be very thankful to them.

Best Regards…

Dear Customer:

  1. If you use TCP commnad to do http protocol. the header must correct. In your example, file “host” is missing.
    expect commnad should be:
    GET /logo.txt /HTTP1.1\r\nhost: :\r\n

  2. For http commnad, you can set url as :, then use AT+QHTTPGET to do HTTP GET method

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