Get location using GPRS network on M66

I am using M66 with OpenCPU SDK V2.4 for an application.
I want to get the location of M66 using GPRS network in terms of Latitude and longitude.
I have tried to implement the example_location.c program but the location was not retrieved.

Apparently , there are 2 modes through which location is retrieved . First is using the GPRS network and the APN of the internet for the service provider and the second is using cell Id,lac,mnc,mcc etc.

I don’t want to make this API device dependent, it should get the location irrespective of the device using SIM GPRS network.

I compiled and uploaded the GPRS mode program in M66 EVB but it failed to get Location(getLocation) using GPRS.

Help needed.

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Hello, is your device registered on the network?How about checking the signal quality?

Hey bobby,
The M66 module with EVB is getting registered to the GSM and GPRS network.
The signal quality is consistently around 29 - 31.


The device does not get the location using GPRS network at any case.
It gets location based on following parameters:Capture

But I want the location coordinates dynamically from module.
Each time I am not going to have all the parameters highlighted above for each module.

Help me in the regard.

Thank you