Geofence feature not working on BG95 M3

I am attempting to implement a geo-fence as described in the “GNSS Application Note V1.3” using:
AT+QCFGEXT="addgeo",0,3,0,31.826,117.2168,100 which is the exact command in the example 3.4 page 63. I then query the settings of geofence 1 using: AT+QCFGEXT="addgeo",1 this displays the data I entered in the first command as expected but means the modem received the info. But then I send AT+QCFGEXT="querygeo",1 and I receive back:

QCFGEXT: "querygeo",1,0 

this means position unknown. But if I use the command: AT+QGPSLOC=2 I receive latitude and longitude measurements quickly. So I have a good quality GPS signal. So why is the position always unknown with respect to the geo-fence?

This issue was resolved when I upgraded the firmware.