FTP Server for testing

Is there any online FTP server available to test FTP functionality of M66?

Dear Sir,
You can try the following FTP. Thanks!
hostname: quectel.3322.org
port: 990
account: account
username: test
password: test

Thanks for responding.
Is it active?
Because I have checked this with an online FTP server test tool, on which it is not responding.

@Kyson Can you please help?

Dear Sir,
Please try the following test FTP server, it is used for our customer to test FTP function. Thanks!
By the way, it is better to use your own FTP server in your application. Our FTP server just can be used for test. Thanks!

Dear deep_sarvajal,

There is a free, very nice software called “FileZilla” which I myself use.
Easy to install & set up.

Best of luck: