FreeRTOS for MC60

Can i use FreeRTOS for MC60 ?
i already now nucleus is supported.
I’m well acquainted with FreeRTOS, instead, i know nothing about nucleus !!
could someone please make a comparison between FreeRTOS and nucleus !?

You cannot use FreeRTOS
Mediatek SoC MT62xx / MT250x SDK is based of Nucleus-MAUI SDK
ALL modules in the world with this chipsets is Nucleus OS
with some exceptions :slight_smile:

i knew you would response :smiley:
thank you Sir.
so MC60 already uses nucleus!?
how should i know the specific version it using ? i mean, can i update the version of nucleus on MC60 ?
FreeRTOS has introduced 5 heaps to allocate memory space, the heap4 using great algorithm which minimize the risk of app crashing !
i’m looking for a such algorithm in nucleus !

you not have direct access to Nucleus-Maui process
There is Quectel OpenCPU user API

oh i see :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: