Fota update on EG-95 NAX module


We are using the Quectel EG95-NAX module on the custom imx6ull device. We are trying to do the FOTA update on the moduleand we have referred below document to upload the firmware file to EG95 module.

For FOTA update:

We followed below set of AT commands to upload the file to UFS,

  1. AT+QFUPL=“”,11393452,1200
    We get the response as CONNECT after executing the above command.

Then we passed the path of the firmware file(

The size of the firmware file is 12MB, But when we check for the file size in UFS it is showing less than 1MB.

Please confirm that the procedure we have followed is correct. If not, Please tell us how to upload the file to UFS.

Thank you,

Hello sir, thank you for asking questions on Quectel Forums
You can download the tool provided by the link and test it according to the Quectel FILE document, thank you.