Forum and SDK improvement


I’ve few proposals :

1 - It is possible to add a tag on the forum to split Android and Linux users questions ? That will be helpful to distinguish the topics.

2 - Why your Linux SDK folder is not organized as a Yocto project is ? I mean, in Yocto project development, We start by the minimal needs and add BSP and applications layers. But you are providing a full repository, and it’s at our own tasks to remove unnecessary dependencies. That’s time-consuming to have to do try/error to find dependencies between the different layers.
That will be simpler to have different repo, one by layer. That will permit to have a README in each repo to have a description on it.

I’m using Yocto from only the last year, specially to work with the sc20, and I found your repo, really hard to use regarding others suppliers do.

It’s just a thought that I want to share with you. And you, devs, what do you think about taking over the SDK ?

Dear gilou,

Thank you for your proposals.
About #1
We have added tags to split Android and Linux users questions. You can have a try.

Hello Shirley.xie,
Thank you for your fast reply.
I can see the new tags !