Forest camera and Quectel Ec25E-EC

Hello.I bought a new Hc801lte 4g wildlife camera and I have a problem. Namely, in the wildlife camera there is a mod as in the title. After configuration and manual and automatic wildlife camera trap, and after replacing the antenna with a higher gain antenna, it works for about 1.5 - 2 days and catches an error. You have to physically turn it off and turn it on for it to work. Error in err log to cme error 764 according to documentation means mms busy, can anyone help me on this topic, how to fix it or what to change? I also wrote to the manufacturer of the camera about the new firmware, I received it, it was uploaded to the device, but also to no effect. Thank you for your help.

What is the model of the mod you are using? You can use ATI to query the module model and version

The modem that is used in the device is ec25-ec and the device is a photo trap hc801lte 4g