Forcing use of quectel QMI driver over generic driver

We are using a setup in which we have an RG500Q-EA module in OpenWrt and we would like to test the usage of Quectel’s QMI driver to compare with the generic Linux driver. We have installed the qmi-wwan driver from OpenWrt’s repository and compiled from source the qmi_wwan_q driver from Quectel. After adding the Quectel driver to the kernel we thought quectel-cm would automatically detect it and use it to establish the connection but still reports that it is using the generic linux driver.

In the driver’s guide says that both drivers can coexist so I assume it is not required to remove the qmi-wwan driver. In any case I disabled it for a moment but this caused the cdc-wdm0 device to not show.

I would appreciate any help.