Force Quectel EG25 Modem to a Network using AT Commands

I have an EG25GGBR07A08M2G Quectel Modem.
I am using an IOT sim which supports T mobile and AT&T. My location area has both networks.
Currently IOT sim is connecting to a T mobile network.
Any way to force IOT sim to connect to AT&T network using AT commands?

Thanks in advance

What MCC (country code) and MNC (network code) is your AT&T connection using?

I see both “310” and “311” defined for AT&T USA as MCC.

And many possible MNC values, like “070”, “080”, “170”, “380”, etc, etc.

Say it’s “310” and “070”. Then:


That lock remains until changed or the modem is reset.

Thanks, how do I keep I save it so that it is in the non volatile memory? So that even on power cycle of modem the setting remains?

You can’t. The best you can do is to include the command somewhere where it’ll be run soon after system startup.

Thanks mate,
So my my IOT currently auto connects to a T mobile network.
My MCC is 310 and MNC is 410. I run the command AT+COPS=1,2,“310410” and does it auto connect to a AT&T network?

I expect it to, yes.