Force LTE only on EC25

Is it possible to force EC25 module to connect with only LTE using AT commands?

Посмотреть как сконфигурирован модем по диапазонам

Посмотреть в каком диапазоне подключен модем

для LTE:
0 - отключить.
1 - LTE2100 FDD (b1)
4 - LTE1800 FDD (b3)
40 - LTE2600 FDD (b7)
80 - LTE900 FDD (b8)
80000 - LTE800 FDD (b20)
2000000000 - LTE2600 TDD (b38)

только LTE 2600
только LTE 1800

Please read the manual!

jfrog, thanks for the input. I should have been more specific

I was entering AT+QCFG="nwscanmode",3,1 - and my module didnt seem to like the command. it would become non responsive and require a reboot.

My thinking was scanmode 3 to assign LTE and effect 1 to effect immediately, as below

However, after applying the command as suggested above (AT+QCFG="nwscanmode",3), the command executes successfully but returns error in the log, and does not seem to initiate the change.


any input on as to why the ERROR? thanks

Me: "nwscanmode"
You: nwscanmode

the command is entered as "nwscanmode" (entered as shown in the second line of my response)

the text I copied that returns as nwscanmode (no quotation marks) is the log ouput (as pasted in that that lower block of my response)

Please try:


as an alternative method to force LTE-only mode.

While AT+QCFG="nwscanmode",3 and AT+COPS=0,,,7 are equivalent commands I’ve just noticed when testing with my EM12-G that neither command is accepted if there’s no LTE signal present.