Force 4G for Quectel EM12-G

Hi All,

My self Jemish Patel, working as software engineer in LiveU ( ).

  • In our product we are using Quectel modems. For the new feature we want to force 4G for Quectel modem.

  • I got most of the information from following topic ( EG12 and Freq or Cell Lock feature )

  • In this topic Jeffery from support team has explained command to lock 4G as following
    Please check follow descriptions, thanks
    Write Command: AT+QNWLOCK=“common/4g”,[[,],…]
    Num of cells : 0 ~ 20
    freq: Frequency info of a cell
    pci: Physical Cell Identity
    code 0 success, Other failed
    Note: Only freq and pci supported by the module can be set.

  • My question is how I can get information of “Num of cells (0 ~ 20)”, “freq ( Frequency info of a cell )”, “pci ( Physical Cell Identity )”

  • Is there any command/utility to get these information?

Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks for your query in Quectel forums.
Please try to use AT+QCFG=“common/4g” to get information, hope it will help you.

Hi Kerr

Thanks for quick response! I tried command you suggested but I am getting an error.
Current firmware version flashed in Modem is:

Do you have any other suggestions?


Hi All,

Any update on this ? As we are in critical stage of decision making your help and suggestion would be appreciated.


Refer to EM12&EG12&EG18 AT Commands Manual

Query the serving cell information

Hi Jfrog,

Thanks for you reply. I verified your suggestion last Friday. The command you suggested has all the information I wanted. With that I successfully applied 4G lock.
Enable 4G lock:

What I observed is, it automatically disabled lock after sometime. I got following print on serial interface after sometime.

Is it expected behavior ? As per my understanding lock should remain intact until we manually disable it.
Would you please give your comments regarding this behavior?

Unfortunately our remote team is on holiday for Monday and Tuesday so can’t do more experiments. I will have setup access tomorrow.


This change is not permanent indeed. I recall it was a few explanations on +qnwlock from Quectel support, so just search through the forum.

Hi Jfrog,

Thanks for your support ! We can close this this query now. It is resolved now.


Tell me please how you resolved this problem?


For our requirement we want to force modem to use 4G. We didn’t to force modem to any specific frequency and cell in 4G. That’s why Quectel confirmed that AT+QCFG=“NWSCANMODE”,3 command is enough for our requirement.