Flash EC25 module by QFlash

I have a QuecOpen EC25 SDK and was able to build an example application “example_dfota”.
I’ve found a couple of interesting things to push the binary file to EC25 module.

[Option 1]
Use ADB (there are versions for Windows, Linux and macOS) to push the binary file.
$ adb push example_dfota /usrdata

[Option 2]
Put the binary file in the “ql-ol-usrdata” folder and run make or make usrdata in the SDK root path. In this way, I can see a “usrdata.ubi” file generated in target folder. Then I use QFlash to upload the firmware with other module firmware files like “mdm9607-perf-boot.img”, “mdm9607-perf-sysfs.ubi”, etc.

My question is, if it is fine to flash the module with the binary data by QFlash.
If it is good, then I’d like to know how to run the binary file in the “/usrdata” automatically when booting up. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Hi there,

Add a symbolic link in dir /etc/rc5.d like following then this application would start running after booting.
Sxx -> your application, xx means the priority, the bigger xx is the lower priority


Hi Zach, thanks for the prompt reply.
So is it fine to flash the module by QFlash as I mentioned before?
I’d like to confirm it.


Hi Paul,

I’m a little confused, but I guess you want to put your app in /ql-ol-usrdata in SDK package, make a ubi, and replace the same name one in fw package, finally flash the fw by Qflash.
So if things are pretty much like what I describe, then that is fine.


It’s exactly what I wanted to confirm.