Firmware upgrade broken 5g connection on RG502Q (v13)

Is possible to have v11 of firmware for RG502Q? Thanks

What is your current firmware version?


I have sent it by email, please download it through the link in the email

could I ask also for the same FW?

hi can i have it too latest R11 firmware for RG502Q-EA please?

I have emailed it to you

Thank you herbert, can you check also my other thread?
Im trying to figure out the situation on the bands aggregation on latest firmware.
RG502 Bands CA aggregation
I would like to know if italian combos are stable or still in development, a clarification would be nice.

I’m sorry, but this question is beyond my pay grade

haha, lol i see,there is anyone in quectel department that can shade some light?
The combo list state yellow are basically testing, or not totally working, blue combos instead are totally experimental.
would be nice if someone can just clarify, at least for the most used combos, the actual situation.
Many people still complain about instable 5G, especially in DSS, so example B1 B7 B20 N3 combo, wich is a DSS connection, result in a really unstable link.
Instead, in 4G everything works as intended.
If someone could just tell us when they gonna make those combo stable, because based on latest documents, most of those combo, are yelow/blue, and so the unstable problems gets answered.
Would be nice if you could let someone that can answer, take a look on my thread, and try get the situation, at least for the most used combo.
PPL buy your products for this, knowing your product will work stable with their current Isp, might help sell more.
And trust me, many many ppl want to know more about this topic. :slightly_smiling_face:

could I ask also for the same FW? I have mirkotik chateau 5g with RG502Q-EA

I also have emailed it to you

btw I was trying to install this FW but the modem is returning me error 420 - what’s mean “no space”.

(I was using this RouterOs cmd “/interface/lte/firmware-upgrade lte1 upgrade=yes firmware-file=”, probably it’s some kind of wrapper for the cmds which then are invoke on the modem)

I check the mode space and indeed - there no space for that:
[admin@MikroTik] > /interface lte at-chat lte1 input=“AT+QFLDS=“UFS””
output: +QFLDS: 136904704,139452416
the zip package has around “145 974 207”

Is there any FW which are smaller and are precisely to make downgrade? something like this: ?

Or probably the downgrade should be done in other way? - then please give me the instruction how to do it.

could I ask for the link to the qflash tool?

It has been sent to you by email