Firmware update problem with opencpu in ec200u

After giving AT+QDOWNLOAD , I am not able to get DIAG port to update firmware for opencpu

Yes, you can pulling up USB_BOOT pin to.
or use AT+QDOWNLOAD=1 command

I am doing the same thing but diag port is not available to update firmware . it only show serial device port.

@lyman-Q yes i know, but diag port is not valid after at+qdownload command

Can your module start up normally? If not, you need to pull up the USB_BOOT pin

@lyman-Q module is working normally .but after at+qdownload it is Showing only one port

After entering the download mode, there is only one download port. After restarting, the port will return to normal.

@lyman-Q after entering the download mode , I am getting a wrong port for firmware update .

Can you give me a screenshot of the question? It’s not clear from the description.

@lyman-Q i am not getting diag port for firmware update

To get the diag port, you need to run AT+QDOWNLOAD=1 using the USB port.

@lyman-Q after running AT+QDOWNLOAD=1 . i am not getting diag port

Hi @Vaibhav_Gupta
I mean you need to use the USB port so that you can get the diag port by executing AT+QDOWNLOAD=1.

@lyman-Q yes, so please guide on this.