Firmware update of modules EC200A-EU and EC200T-EU

I’m trying to update the firmware of modules EC200T-EU with “” , and EC200A-EU with “” on a Mini_PCIe_EVB.
Let’s start with the EC200T-EU

  • I’m concious that the EC200T-EU has been discontinued since QFlash4.4. The representative here in Portugal has get me the 4.4 version but is missing the file FilterBinTrans.dll. I have tried to copy it from the other versions I have (6.2 and 4.12) but I receive the message "Error, Detect BB chip into fall!. If I use the Qflash4.12 I receive the message “Exist two blf files”… and that i s not correct, since I checked the zip file and there is only one! I had also tried with version 6.2, but it doens’t do nothing after pressing “START” and after abou 100s I receive the timeout message…

  • The EC200A-EU seems that is now broken, since it do not answer any more to commands (or update the led) using QCOM1.6. I really do not understand what I have done wrong!
    Could you give me exact instructions on how to update the firmware using Qflash6.2, if possivble with pictures for each step? In the pdf file the instructions they only say:
    “For EG060W and EC200A, select the .zip firmware package, and then click the “Start” button. After this, manually power on the module to automatically select Quectel USB Download Port for upgrade.”
    I loaded the zip file, pressed start and then power off the board and power it on and the Qflash doesn’t say anything! Only the second counter is updated until the timeout message. COuld be that I turn it off, during one of the many attempts when the QFlash was doing the update? even not saying anything?? I was waiting for a percentage or bar counter …

  • What is the correct USB mode, that we should have the module to update the firmware? I only get the Windows10 to recognize the Mobile AT interface serial ports using MBIM (AT+QCFG=“usbnet”,2) I have the following driver versions:
    MBIM_V1.3.1, NDIS_V2.4.6., _RNDIS_V1.0.9

Best regards,
Eduardo Pinto

CORRECTION! TRIED VERSION QFLASH6.2 to update the firmware in the EC200T even the pdf saying that is not supported, but it supported and flashed it OK. I have to press the start button on Qflash, wait two seconds and press the reset on the EVB carrier board, and the Flash process starts with a green status indicative bar!Now I’m sure that I have done everything OK with the EC200A…