firmware for the eg25-g

Hi. I got a data only sim added to my account for a gaming laptop with LTE. While the internet works, Steam seams blocked. The steam client will not connect at all.
I was told that a update to the firmware for the eg25-g LTE modem would get it working The hardware ID is

I emailed support for the firmware, but they said to post it here.

Thanks for any help.

Hello, do you need a new firmware version? Can you tell me the firmware version number you are using now? And your email address. I have confirmed which version will be sent to you by email.

Forgive me but I am unsure how to check for the current firmware version. The OEM, GPD, will not provide any support past the driver. A very knowledgeable T-mobile tech support employee said it was a certificate problem and the best chance I had it to get it working was checking for a firmware update for the LTE modem. I found a past forum post here describing a similar problem fixed by an update.

OK,Wish you all the best.

Can i please get the latest firmware and directions for installing it?

Sure, but you still need to know what model you are using because there are different versions. In addition, please send me your email after confirming the model number. I will send it to you through the email link.

Thank you. Here are the Hardware IDs under device managers for each category

Quectel USB Modem

Network Adapters
Quectel Wireless Ethernet Adapter

Universal Serial Bus Controllers
Quectel USB Composite Device

If this is insufficient information to identify the model, please let me know what will work. I am DMing my email to you.

HI,Can you type in the AT command? AT+QGMR can query the firmware version, I need this confirmation.

Thanks for your help. Is that done in powershell? Can you provide all the steps needed to run this command?

I think there should be a label on the front of the module, from which you can see the specific model. Can you take a picture?

I am unable to open the computer due to physical limitations. I’ll just use my hotspot. Thank you for your time.

How do I get the latest firmware.

I have: