Firmware for RM502Q-AE

Revision: RM502QAEAAR11A04M4G

If email is the way this is offered then please send me the latest FW

Thank you, can you please also send me the latest tool to upgrade the firmware via Linux?

Sorry, checked mail and don’t see message.
If we can PM then I can give alternate email address

Could you send me the latest firmware. My version is


I have sent it to your email,please CHECK

I would like the latest firmware, please!


I have sent it to your email, please check

Can I please have a copy of the latest for RM502QAEAAR11A02M4G_01.003.01.003
Thank you kindly

I have sent it to your email, please check

Hello. I would like to get the latest firmware for the RM502Q-GL module. Here is a screenshot of the
command. Thanks!
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the verison of firmware is latest

Please send me the latest firmware for rm502q-ae.

Also need the latest firmware for rm502q-ae, QFlash Tool, and instructions

Hi, could you please share the firmware, QFlash Tool, and instructions?

I’m seeking most recent firmware & Qflash for these modules:


Would you kindly send me a link to download them?

Thank you.

have sent them to your email, please check

Hi we are looking for updated LINUX drivers for the RM502Q-A. Could you provide me with a link?

I have sent IT to your email, please check

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Thank you!!
We are having trouble for install it on Ubuntu18.00.
We have a QualComm board that has this modem embedded.
Do you have a procedure to install this driver?

Could you send me the latest firmware revision? I currently have RM502QAEAAR11A04M4G.

Thank you