Firmware for RG520N-EB

Can you provide the latest firmware for this device (RG520N-EB),current version RG520NEBDCR01A05M4G_XM

I find the new version is RG520NEBDCR01A07M4G_XM.please privode your e-mail ,I will send the new firmware version for you.

Thanks, I already have the RG520NEBDCR01A07M4G_XM version. Do you have the latest firmware for AG550Q-CN

Could you please provide me with your current version?

My piece of AG550Q-CN is in download mode after startup. It may be that the firmware is damaged, so I want to find a firmware to download and test it.

AG550Q-CN module has different segmented products, I am not sure which product you are. If confirmed, I can give you a more accurate version of the software. If you’re not sure which version, finding a random upgrade can be risky.

Now we only know that it is AG550Q-CN Q2-A0497, and the rest cannot be confirmed. It is already faulty. I would appreciate it very much if you could give me a normal and latest firmware.

The silkscreen information is :
AG550Q-CN-TE-A Q2-A0497-AQ1302
AG550QCNAB - M28 - TA0AQ