Firmware for L96-M33


I am about to buy a couple hundred L96-M33 chips for a prototype product run. A vendor is offering me a firmware version L96NR01A03S.

I have three questions:

  • Is this the latest firmware for this chip?
  • Your data sheet states “I2C interface is supported only on firmware versions ending with “SC””. The vendor says this is an I2C firmware version. Are they correct?
  • Where can I find firmware for the L96-M33?

Dear Sir,
1,L96NR01A03S is the latest firmware but not support IIC.
2,If you want to use IIC interface, you need f/w version L96NR01A03SC instead of L96NR01A03S. Please note that upgrade via IIC is not supported for L96, only UART upgrade is supported.
3, You could contact with local FAE and Sales.