Firmware for EC25-A and EC25-AF?

I need to get some EC25-A and EC25-AF modems set to defaults, and brought to the latest firmware.

What is the process for setting the EC25 to factory defaults? I’ve tried AT&F but it doesn’t seem to cover everything.

Where can I download the firmware tool and the latest firmware for the EC25-A and EC25-AF?

Thank you, Chris

Dear Uberdome,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
If you need the latest firmware, you can send email to to get it, you can provide the firmware you used now, then we will arrange local FAE to support you, they will help to provide the latest firmware package, the upgrade tool and guide you how to upgrade it. Thanks!


I previously sent an email to support without a reply. I will try again.

How can I set a card to factory defaults?

Thank you, Chris

if that, please provide your email and company name, your country to us, we will arrange local FAE to support you as soon as possible.
By the way, we have the internal command can set the the module to factory defaults, sorry that can not send to you in here. Please understand. Thanks!

Thank you for the details. I tried again to request firmware from support earlier this week. Any idea what sort of time I should expect for a typical firmware request?

Dear Uberdome,
Normally, you can received the answer email in one or two days after you send the email to By the way, only you provide more information like your company name, your country, the response will be fast. Thanks!

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