Firmware for BG96 (Netherlands/1NCE)


I would to change the firmware of my BG96 module.

  • Country:Netherlands,
  • MVNO: 1NCE,
  • Operator: Unknown.
  • Current Firmware: BG96MAR03A08M1G

Could please send a link of the appropriated firmware?


This link should take you to a zip file wich contains the latest firmware version for the LPWA BG95 but it should work for BG96 too

Thank you Luis!


I tried updating my module to the firmware you provided (BG95M3LAR02A03_01.204.01.204) but I get the following error: “FAIL, DL_Firehose, Time out!”.

I am using QFlash_V6.9. I tried with different baud rates.
Note that I can successfully install another firmware version (BG96MAR03A04M1G_01.003.01).

Could you please help me?

Hi @Luis_Olivas , can you please check my previous message.


Check the communication (COM port in the case of Windows) of the BG96 module, I recommend installing the most recent version of the driver, also verify that the path of all the files including Qflash 6.9 are on disk C, I hope it helps you

Hi @Luis_Olivas ,
Thank you for the help.

I updated my driver to version Quectel_LTE&5G_Windows_USB_Driver_V2.2.3 .
I am using Qflash V6.9.
I still get the same error (Fail, DL_Firehose, Time out!).

I am thinking of installing this firmware: BG96MAR03A09M1G_01.002.01.002
Do you know if the BG96MA-MINIPCIE-S with this firmware will be able to connect to the LTE-M network in the Netherlands?


Verify if the files and baudrate are correct

In this case is for BG95 module-

@Luis_Olivas Files, file location and baud rate are correct.

Do you have an older firmware for Europe to try (for BG96)?