Firmware and Hardware Comaptibity

Hello all,

We are working on 2G,3G, LTE module, and a module are M95, EG95, UG96, and BC92.

We found AT command manual and all are same just few new AT command in each gsm/GPRS module
But we have one doubt is it compatible in terms of hardware and firmware.

We are looking for a driver file of all modules and we are not getting any sample code.


  1. Do you need windows or linux driver?
  2. Is the code you need to send AT commands or driver example code?


We are basically working on the STM32 micro-controller so, we need the Code for send AT command and Response of AT command as well.

What about the software compatibility of the M95, EG95, UG96, and BC92 module?


M95,EG95,UG96. they are modules that support different network types(RAT), but if you send AT command by a UART port, they should be compatible.
Please send a email to for code request.