Feature Request: Additional RTCM Messages on LC29H(BS)

Would it be possible to get support for the State Space Representation RTCM messages added to the LC29H(BS)?

I’d like to use some LC29H(BS)es to feed monitoring systems like GitHub - berthubert/galmon: galileo open source monitoring but they need the SSR messages (1057-1061, 1063-1067, 1240-1244, 1258-1262, etc.) to do their work. A full table of the RTCM SSR messages of interest are included in Table 3 of this paper: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/344388727_Open_Format_Specifications_for_PPPPPP-RTK_Services_Overview_and_Interoperability_Assessment

Hi WiFiLuke,

LC29HBS doesn’t support SSR RTCM message. Maybe you should consider Quectel LG69T series module which support GNSS raw data.

RTCM data which is supported by LC29HBS is shown below. LC29HBS is for RTK application and used as a base station.

Best regards.