FCM360W: TCP / MQTT connection was failed


I am using FCM360W Wi-Fi module. I try to connect with TCP and MQTT servers but I was facing some errors like “dns failed” . I was tried both AP and station mode also . But i am not sure what is that problem. I ensured server, hotspot ,internet availability was fine. But that problem came. Please help to resolve this issue .Thanks in advance.


[2024-01-19_12:46:26:478]+QSTASTAT: "WLAN_CONNECTED"
[2024-01-19_12:46:26:509]+QSTASTAT: "GOT_IP"

[2024-01-19_12:46:32:364]+QVERSION: FCM360WAAR01A03









[2024-01-19_12:47:50:753]+QIGETERROR: 563,"dns failed"



hi @UdhayaKumar_Mani
I don’t see any ip assignment after getting connected with Wireless Network
Please check with latest firmware

FCM360WAAR01A03V09.zip (10.4 MB)

hi @Waleed_Zafar1

ya I will check and update.


Hi @Waleed_Zafar1

Is any possible to firmware upgrade to FCM360 through Qflash or else can you give a RDTool software for firmware upgrade. Thanks in advance.

hi @UdhayaKumar_Mani
FC360W-RDTool.zip (14.1 MB)

hi @Waleed_Zafar1

Yes, it works fine .