FC41d wifi ble firmware

Hello team ,
i am using the FC41d wifi-ble module for communication.
is there any example code available to refer for wifi and ble.

AT or open development?

Hello aubery.ii-Q,
Thank you for your response.
I am looking for AT development.


Please share your email address and I will send you relevant information.

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Hello aubrey.ii-Q,
are there any other resources available than the AT command guide?

There are some examples in the AT command manual for your reference.
If you need more, you can put forward specific requirements and I will provide you with more information.

Hello aubrey.ii-Q ,
Is there any particular command to turn off WIFI Radio?


WiFi and BLE are bound together on the radio frequency, and WiFi cannot be turned off directly. If you don’t want to use WiFi, just disable it.

Thank you aubrey.ii-Q,
can you please tell me which command should i use to disable WiFi?



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Thank you for the quick response.
can we disable auto-connect to an AP?


Hello aubrey.ii-Q,
What is the Use Case of “AT+QAIRKISS=” command?


AT+QTESTFLASH to erase the saved WiFi information and then reset the module

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A kind of network distribution method. Currently it needs to be used with a small program. This method is not recommended overseas. You can ignore it.

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Where can I find this command in the AT manual provided by QUECTEL?

Hello aubrey.li-Q,
How can i change the BLE characteristics property to READ, The default property is NOTIFY and WRITE.


hey , Do u have specific AT commands for BLE security (pre shared key) and GATT services ?

There is currently no BLE security in the public version,
You can share your email address with me and I will send you the AT command set.

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I sent my email address.
I am waiting for your response and email .

Thank you.