FC20 Wifi/BT module

I assume FC20 Wifi/BT module is a Hosted chip which needs HOST MCU to communicate and run the FC20 Wifi/BT. In the limited data available in datasheet of FC20 (FC20 is typically used in combination with application processors (IMX6, IMX8,etc.) as HOST MCU.

Does any other General MCU with SDIO and UART I/F support this Hosted chip - FC20.???

hi Vijay
Please check below list for FC20 connectivity host


Hi Zafar, Thanks for the response.

Existing we have HOST MCU which runs on ARM cortex - M4, Can we port the driver software in the existing MCU so that we can establish the communication between HOST MCU and HOSTED module (FC20).

Yes , can be done with Linux 4.x and 5.x

Thanks, Other than Linux - Can the HOST CPU supports RTOS with the driver support???