Fastest way to re-register or reset LTE connection on EC25?

What would be the fastest way to reset or re-register my EC25-AF modem? Currently Im using these at commands:

This seems to take 15-20 seconds. Would there be any other faster ways? Even if only by a few seconds.

Thank you!

Do you want to find a new network for the module? If so, you can switch to AT+CFUN=0&AT+CFUN=1 to make the module search for the network again.

I just want the module to re-register on the network. I tried these commands, but the AT+COPS=2 seems a few seconds faster.

I think the network registration time is relatively fast. You can also try AT+QNWLOCK to see if it can improve the network registration speed (it is not suggested to use in practical applications).

AT+QNWLOCK=“common/lte” Network Locking Configuration

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