Falshing delta patches over UART in BG95

Hello Everyone,

Is it possible to flash delta patches over UART with out using DFOTA (not wanted).
If yes which AT commands can be used ?

There are several different ways to use DFOTA. If you don’t want to use DFOTA, you can only use local upgrade tools and firmware packages.

Hi @tabor.tang-Q
so I have to use QFlash software or i can use any AT commands to upgrade delata patches without using DFOTA?
if yes, What are the AT commands i can use to upgrade delta patches through main uart without using DFOTA ?
I have gone through DFOTA application note document but cound not find any information about that.


One of the native DFOTA methods in the documentation is to upload the delata file to the module via the serial port and then upgrade it.

Hi @tabor.tang-Q ,
Thanks for reply. I found out that first i have to upload dealta filw to moduel and then using
AT+QFOTADL = 1 , i can upgrade it.
One question. Which file system should is use to upload delta patches. (EUFS/UFS)
AT+QFUPL=“EUFS:/fota/update.zip”,3186203 or using UFS file system ?

Generally how long it will take to upgrade firmware ?

Generally, EUFS is used. The upgrade time depends on the size of the module and the corresponding upgrade package. It takes several minutes.

hello @tabor.tang-Q ,
Thank you for the information.
If for any reason, if upgrade fails, then BG95 will be reset to previous firmware (original firmware) or some fallback will be there ?

Normally, if the upgrade fails, the system will roll back to the original version.