Failing to run QuecOpen demo app in BG96

Hi everyone,

First time trying to use QuecOpen and get stuck on application start. Using any supplied demo, I can compile it, get .ini and .bin files.
I put them to /datatx folder and restart modem. After that .bin can’t be deleted (guess it’s in use ? ) , but no actual activity from demo app happens, no gpio action and nothing in debug uart.
What can be issue?


Dear Sir,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel Forums.
Please open the ini file and check its configuration. Our bin file is dependent on.ini to run. If all is well, please try compiling other examples to run.
Refer to the documentation link below for more information:

Look your firmware in module
if is marked BG96…R02… use SDK2
if is …R03… use SDK3

Yes, FW version was issue, used R04 to match SDK and now it works.

Dear Grigor,

I’d like to start some prototypes using QuecOpen and BG96 too and I’m not sure how to get proper hardware to get started. Are you using the recommended Quectel LTE Open EVB?
I thought it would be easy to obtain it but it seems I am missing something. Can I ask you how or where did you buy it?

Thanks a lot