External consumer eSIM for RM500Q-AE

I want to use the eSIM functionality of the RM500QAE.
Specifically, I want to use a consumer eSIM (Not M2M iOT) I have seen that there are many external M2M iot eSIMs but this external consumer eSIM I have only seen one from Infineon: OPTIGA™ Connect Consumer OC1120 - eSIM solution - Infineon Technologies
The version that can be welded “easily” is not currently in stock anywhere, so it´s complicated.
Does anyone know another external eSIM that works in Consumer mode? (M2M doesn’t work for me)
Greetings and thank you

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Dear @nguerrero
Actually, it supports consumer eSIM, but we don’t know that which consumer eSIM work on your side. You can get help of other guys in your region. Sorry for this.

We don’t have consumer eSIM because we haven’t found any distributor or brand that sells it. It’s been challenging to find both a brand and a distributor. So, I wanted to know if anyone has any opinions or knows of any consumer eSIM brands that work with quectel module.

Any should work, most major carriers will provision an eSIM for you. Maybe its different for your region.

I think there is some confusion. I’m talking about the physical eSIM, not the eSIM profile from a carrier. The Quectel modem is compatible at the software level with an external eSIM (only some specific modems have the integrated eSIM chip soldered to them).

So, I was looking for a physical eSIM (either in card or chip format) to be able to use this service. I’ve only found them from the Infineon manufacturer, and they are out of stock everywhere, which is strange to me.

An important point to note is that it must be a consumer eSIM (M2M eSIM won’t work for me).

Have you found the right esim chip? I’m also looking for a solution

We have successfully tested eSIM from Valid with the Quectel RM520N.